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Bedford Report provides Equity Reports that provide investors with short term and long-term growth opportunities, value, and strong potential returns. We strive to provide our members with the most recent market activities. We are constantly creating and providing up-to-date Equity Reports and newsletters offering unique and timely perspectives for our members. We feature companies we believe show strong financial attributes and deliver insights into the potential upside they bring to investors.

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In 1996 a major event occurred in the brokerage community…. E*trade launched its online trading platform that allowed individual investors to make real-time trades at a fractional cost of traditional brokers. This phenomenon has forever changed the investment community. 

With change often comes opportunity. While discount brokerages offer investors an efficient and cost effective trading platform, they often leave investors frantically searching for financial and strategic information previously provided by their brokers.

The Bedford Report seeks to fill this gap by providing Clear, Concise, and Timely Equity Reports to our members. In addition, The Bedford Team works diligently to bring our members fresh ideas through our timely E-Newsletter. 

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