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Bedford Report GlobeBedford Report provides Equity Reports that provide investors with short term and long-term growth opportunities, value, and strong potential returns. We strive to provide our members with the most recent market activities. We are constantly creating and providing up-to-date Equity Reports and newsletters offering unique and timely perspectives for our members. We feature companies we believe show strong financial attributes and deliver insights into the potential upside they bring to investors.


What We Offer…


Large-Cap Reports:

Our Large-Cap Reports are our specialty at Bedford Report. We provide all of our members with concise summarized research reports that are produced by industry leading analysts. We have several analysts that produce these research reports on the best “blue chip” stocks available. We then hand pick the most useful reports to be featured on our website and send them direct to our members.

Large-Cap investing is considered to be a risk adverse way to invest your money. While this is not always true, the majority of the time if you invest in a company with strong financials, solid management, and strong strategic goals, it is possible to see a steady and strong return. We strive to find the strongest large-cap stocks by producing reports that break down each and every aspect of these companies.

Small-Cap Analysis:

At Bedford Report we provide a service that your broker cannot: informing you of small-cap companies with great potential. Small-Cap stocks are what the name implies… typically a company with a small market capitalization; usually $20 - $100 million. Market capitalization is the price of the company’s stock multiplied by the number of shares outstanding. In other words, market capitalization is the price which the market perceives the company is worth.

There are two reasons why some of the most undervalued companies in the world are not made available to, or by, your broker.

First, federal and state securities laws keep brokers from offering you some of their most valued information. Certain companies (most of which are small-cap) do not register with the SEC and state securities commission due to the expensive costs that would cripple their company. Therefore, brokers are unable to mention these companies even though they may be some of the most undervalued opportunities in the world.

The second reason why these companies are not mentioned by your broker is because it’s not worth your broker’s time. There is no upside for your broker to draw your attention to these small-cap companies. Most brokerage firms supply their brokers with a list of stocks to publicize. It is well known that most brokerage firms make their money off of commissions and underwriting fees and therefore have no reason to recommend small-cap stocks that do not provide enough volume or recognition to deliver their target compensation numbers.

This is where Bedford Report fills the gap between your current coverage and reality. Unlike your broker, we discuss these small-cap companies and make recommendations on which companies we believe have a strategic exponential upside. Keep in mind we offer this service free of charge, so help us make you a better informed investor by signing up for a free membership now by clicking here.


The industries that our report's cover include:


Alternative Energy

Alternative or renewable energy are fuel sources other than those derived from fossil fuels and are typically not as harmful to the environment. These days, fossil fuels are considered dirty and dangerous and are on their way out with renewable energy on its way in. At Bedford Report, we look across the whole spectrum of renewable energy such as biofuels, solar, wind and geothermal energy. Looking towards renewable energy that is sustainable not only will help decrease our dependence on foreign oil, but it also creates jobs and keeps the environment clean.

Driven by President Obama's ambitious renewable-energy agenda, more of both public and private investments are being made to make renewable energy affordable and reliable, creating a lot of incentive, but also clouding the competitive landscape for these industries. Bedford Report is here to help you decipher the wealth of investment and try and pick a few gems for you to look at more closely.


In this day and age the pulse of the financial industry makes the life blood of the rest of the economy. Love it or hate it, the mess that the global economy is in may have started with the banks, but likewise the solution is going to start with them too.

Our analysts use a wide breadth of primary and secondary sources to get a solid grasp of what is going on in the news when assembling their commentary. With their ear to the ground you needn't look much further than the articles and profiles of the Bedford Report Financials newsletter.


Investment Strategies

As the markets begin to stabilize, the most reliable and effective technique to manage your portfolio is using what is known as Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). MPT is widely used in practice in the financial industry, and many of its creators have received a Nobel Prize for the theory.

At Bedford Report, our team of financial mathematicians use sophisticated optimization software to compute the mathematically optimal investment strategy for you. Each week, we publish the mathematically optimal set of stocks to choose out of the 30 stocks that determine the Dow Jones industrial average. Even better, if you go to our contact us page, and enter a list of anywhere between 5 and 75 mid to large cap stocks you are interested in, as well as your own tolerance for risk on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being a high tolerance for risk, 10 being a large reluctance to take on risk), we will compute your optimal investment strategy free of charge.


Market News Update

Our analysts cover a wide variety of large, medium and small cap companies as part of their coverage portfolio. Through detailed financial analysis, close monitoring of the media, both old and new, and relationships with other players on the Street, Bedford's team is able to produce straight forward, concise, actionable reviews of the companies you need to know about. Our reports feature the latest financial highlights, an analysis of recent events and most important, what to watch for going forward.


Oil and Gas

About 45% of the Oil and Gas industry revenue comes from crude oil with the remaining coming from natural gas. The industry has annual revenue of about $890 million. Oil accounts for between 34% and 40% of global primary energy. Dependence on foreign oil is still high and subject to price fluctuations. Today, natural gas is increasingly replacing coal for the generation of electricity and oil for vehicles as it burns more efficiently than either.

As oil and gas are a non-renewable natural resource the industry is faced with an inevitable eventual depletion of world oil supply.



Technology is such an integral part of all aspects of our daily lives. This sector contains businesses revolving around Semiconductor, Hardware, Software, Wireline and Wireless Telecommunications and Media industries. Electronic commerce and consumer electronics are two of the most impressive growth areas in technology in recent years. Within this sector, new functionality continues to drive growth.

Rapidly growing markets such as China and India are also drivers in technology growth where low levels of consumer electronic ownership combined with strong economic growth means a huge potential market for high-tech goods and services.